540° Maintenance : TruckWorld – Part 1:


Bring your maintenance to a whole new level with 540° Maintenance, a new web series presented by DataDis! Every month, Catherine Blackburn and Marjolaine Moisan will discuss different topics with various partners, associations and industry experts.

For this month’s episode, the 540° Maintenance team went to TruckWorld in Toronto, from April 21st to 23rd. We ran into a lot of our partners so we decided to interview some of them. This episode is divided into two parts. This first part is with ISAAC Instruments and Anytrek Canada as well as someone from our #DataDisTeam!

We had the chance to talk with Jean-Sebastien Bouchard, EVP of Sales and Co-Founder at ISAAC Instruments as well as Kim Boulanger, Sales Coordinator and Emma Roland, Sales and Customer Service at Anytrek Canada. We also interviewed Justin Watson, Sales Representative from the #DataDisTeam.

ISAAC Instruments

ISAAC Instruments is a Canadian company that specializes in electronic logging devices (ECD) and telematics. ISAAC focuses its efforts on road transportation and more specifically trucking. Their mission is “To connect people and information by providing innovative turnkey solutions to drive truck fleet performance”.

DataDis x ISAAC

The integration between MIR-RT and Isaac allows users to be more proactive in terms of management and electronic compliance. Here are the main features of the integration:

1. Automated vehicle odometer update

2. Pre-trip inspection defects automation

3. Geofencing integrated

IMG 8236
Jean-Sebastien Bouchard, ISAAC Instruments

Anytrek Canada

Anytrek Canada is an innovative smart trailer solution provider, designs and develops GPS tracking solutions and information systems that utilize the latest technologies for the heavy-duty trucking industry. Anytrek is a leading pioneer of innovative technologies and solutions for the trucking industry.

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Emma Roland and Kim Boulanger, Anytrek Canada.


DataDis is a fleet maintenance software solution: “MIR-RT software allows you to fully utilize all the data and information that your shop can bring and automates it to give you the most amount of information.”

Justin Watson, DataDis.

See you next week for Part 2!

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