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Choosing MIR-RT CMMS Fleet Maintenance Software Means Ensuring Good Management of Your Heavy-Duty Shop.

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Increase your productivity.

Thanks to MIR-RT’s automations, you significantly reduce downtime and increase the efficiency of your heavy-duty shop.


MIR-RT Icon - Fleet Maintenance Software to Centralize your Data

Centralize and analyze your data.

The centralization of all your data allows you to find precise information quickly as well as to get valuable statistics to help you make informed decisions.


MIR-RT icon - Fleet Maintenance Software - Intuitive and easy to use interface for mechanics

Simplify your mechanic technicians’ work.

MIR-RT is well-known to facilitate the work of mechanic technicians with work order automation and its intuitive interface designed specifically for them.


MIR-RT icon - Fleet Maintenance Software Integrated Communication System - Communication icone

Improve your communications.

The communication between the driver/operator and the heavy-duty shop is simplified thanks to our MIRCheck and MIRNote apps. Our various connected solutions ensure that no information is lost along the way.


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Get a quick ROI.

With good preventive maintenance, warranty and tire tracking management, MIR-RT will significantly reduce your maintenance costs, allowing you to get a very quick return on investment.

Calculate your potential savings!

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Connect all your solutions together.

We offer 1000+ integration opportunities with your software already in place (telematics, fuel, accounting, etc.) to ensure optimal performance of all your solutions.

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Your Current Challenges

Maintenance Simplified With MIR-RT

Plan Your Preventive and Corrective Maintenance.

Red Icon -Fleet Maintenance Mechanics Mode Feature Icon
Mechanic mode
Intuitive interface allowing your mechanic technicians to quickly initiate a task, whether assigned by the fleet maintenance manager or chosen from a list of tasks to accomplish.
Red Icon -Fleet Maintenance Work Order Management Software
Work orders
View and approve the time worked by your mechanic technicians as well as the parts and shop supplies used for any work performed.
Red Icon - Fleet Preventive, Corrective, Predictive Maintenance Planning Icon
View due and upcoming preventive maintenance, corrective notes, warranties, inspections that need to be done and easily assign tasks to your mechanic technicians with our drag and drop feature.
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Real-Time Fleet Manager Feature
Real-time manager
Supervise your mechanic technicians by having remote real-time access to what is going on in the mechanical shop.

View Your Tire, Units, Fuel and Working Hours Data.

Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Vehicle Tracking Software
Consult each unit’s general data, inspection sheets, maintenance schedule and installed parts.
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Fuel Tracking Software
Fuel and fluids
Closely monitor fuel and fluid consumption with automated transfer of your data.
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Tire Tracking Software
Tire Tracking
Track your tire condition, their performance and their cost per kilometer.
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Punch Clock Software
Punch clock
Count, follow and validate the hours worked by all users in order to facilitate your payroll management.

Manage Everything Related to Your Parts Inventory.

Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Purchase Order Software
Purchase orders
Automate purchase orders with minimum / maximum triggers, easily track your deliveries and order tires with their label.
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Inventory Management Software
Receive automatic updates of delivered parts and use barcodes for easier inventory management.
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Warranty and Claims Tracking Software
Warranties and claims
Manage your warranties efficiently and automate the entire process. During a repair, the mechanic will automatically be informed of all current warranties.
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Vendor Management Software
Consult the data of all your suppliers, view the detail of your invoices and send purchase orders directly to your suppliers in pdf format.

Repair, Invoice and Lease to Your Customers.

Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Work Requests Feature
Work requests
Quickly access all unit information, use work request progress statuses for easy tracking, create lists of recurring work requests and save time!
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Invoicing Software
Quickly invoice a work order to your customers as-is or adjust billing items and profit margins. Never forget to invoice again!
Red Icon - Vehicle, equipment and tool leasing management software
Manage your leasing contracts, reserve your equipment and follow up on maintenance.

Analyze All the Data From Your Heavy-Duty Shop.

Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance KPIs and Dashboard
Quickly get a global view of the performance, costs and general condition of your fleet.
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Reports
View over 100 reports to help manage your fleet in accordance with industry best practices.
Red Icon - Historical Data of all Fleet maintenance operations
View past information on work orders, inspection records, brake and tire records, maintenance, and more.
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Project Management Feature
Easily track the maintenance and mechanical repair costs associated with your projects.

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