Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Project Management Feature


Easily track the maintenance and mechanical repair costs associated with your projects.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance system - Profit red icon

Real-time cost monitoring

Track in real time the repair and maintenance costs related to your heavy equipment used during a project, in accordance with the allocated budget.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance software - Steps red icon

Automatic accounting of work orders

MIR-RT will automatically account for the costs added to work orders related to units previously assigned to a project.

Explore other features

Red Icon - Vehicle, equipment and tool leasing management software
Take advantage of a comprehensive tool to manage your leasing contracts and reservations. In addition, track your maintenance on units under contract.
Red Icon -Fleet Maintenance Mechanics Mode Feature Icon
Mechanic mode
Easy-to-use interface designed for mechanics to do repairing, not computing!
Red Icon -Fleet Maintenance Work Order Management Software
Work orders
Validate and close all work orders created automatically in one place!