About us

DataDis has been a Leader in the Development of Fleet Maintenance Software Solutions in North America for over 30 years!


Our company.

For over 30 years, DataDis has been innovating in the development of Fleet Maintenance Software Solutions, improving the maintenance management of vehicle fleets.

With our MIR-RT CMMS Software, we are proud to help our customers across North America increase their productivity and reduce their maintenance costs.

In the past few years, DataDis has also developped MIRMobile, a Fleet Maintenance Management App, MIRCheck, a Vehicle Inspection App and MIRNote, a Note-Taking App with voice recognition.

Thanks to our creative and relentless employees, to our customers who motivate us to always use the innovation path, and to our bold and visionary managers, we now impose our own rules of excellence in the fleet maintenance software solutions industry.

Nowadays, over 1100 customers trust our MIR-RT fleet maintenance system in North America.

Our mission and vision.

Mission - To make every fleet reliable and safe by allowing them to track, analyze, and optimize their maintenance operations.


Vision - To become the North American leader in Fleet Maintenance Software Solutions.


Our values.

DataDis Value - Integrity

Integrity - We always work with respect and honesty towards our clients, partners and colleagues.

DataDis Value-Innovation

Innovation - We are constantly looking to improve our software solutions to meet the individual and unique needs of each of our clients.

DataDis Value-Proximity

Proximity - From day one, collaboration and teamwork with everyone involved is an integral part of our identity.