Red Icon -Fleet Maintenance Mechanics Mode Feature Icon

Mechanic mode

Easy-to-use interface designed for mechanics to do repairing, not computing!

MIR-RT fleet maintenance software - Mechanics autonomy red icon

Mechanics’ total autonomy.

On workstations set up in the workshop, the mechanic technician is able to access available units in real time, identify the task to be performed and, with one click, generate a work order.

They can also select a task previously assigned by the foreman or choose by himself from the unassigned tasks list.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance program - Work orders automation red icon

Work orders automation.

The mechanic technician quickly identifies himself with an RFID chip and enters only three pieces of information before starting work: the unit number, the reason code and the repair code.

The work order is created automatically and starts counting labor. In addition, it keeps track of comments and used parts.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance system - Parts scan red icon

Scan, repair, repeat.

The mechanic technician scans directly from the inventory the parts needed for maintenance or repair. These are automatically saved in the work order and are subtracted from the inventory in real time.

  • Fixes the problem of unreadable part numbers 
  • Better control of inventory levels
  • Increasing productivity
MIR-RT fleet maintenance software - Notifications red icon

Integrated inspections and notifications.

The mechanic technician can also complete inspection sheets (SAAQ, MTO, customized) and be notified of current warranties.

Large Red Icon (Full) - Historical Data of all Fleet maintenance operations

History consultation.

The mechanic technician has access to all unit history; parts installed, warranties in progress, repairs and maintenance performed.

This allows him to perform his work more quickly and efficiently. It also reduces the risk of errors.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance software - Notifications red icon

Voice recognition.

The mechanic techician can dictate his comments vocally and they will be automatically transcribed on the work order.

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