DataDis Announces New Telematics Integration With Motive

DataDis x Motive

At DataDis, we are proud to have more than 1000 integrations between our maintenance software solutions and different solutions in the heavy vehicle and equipment industry. By constantly developing new partnerships, we make MIR-RT, our heavy-duty shop management software, the central point of your fleet management. When we implement our software, we connect to the entire digital ecosystem you already have in place and make integrations with all the solutions you use beforehand.

Today, we are happy to announce that our telematics integration with Motive (formerly Keep Truckin) is finally available to our customers!

How Does the Telematics Integration With Motive Work?

The brand-new integration developed by our integrations team offers two significant features that make it easier to manage your daily maintenance: automated transfer of odometers and real-time geofencing.

First, from your Motive solution, truck odometers will be automatically updated daily in MIR-RT, helping you track your upcoming maintenance and cost per mile or kilometer. Furthermore, this integration allows you to automate the creation of preventive maintenance tasks based on the distance travelled by your trucks.

Also, with this recent integration, you can benefit from the advantages of geofencing. This feature consists of knowing the location of your heavy vehicles in real time to make better daily operational decisions. Concretely, in MIR-RT, you will see the list of tasks to be done on your heavy vehicles as well as a colour code which will tell you if your unit is on the road and outside the geolocation zone (in red), near the garage and inside the predefined area (yellow) or directly in the yard (green).

Screenshot showing the geofencing feature

How Can Our Telematics Integration With Motive Help You?

  • Significant reduction in the time spent recording the odometers of each heavy vehicle;
  • Automation of the preventive maintenance creation process;
  • Reduction of risks of manual errors and oversights;
  • Optimization of the planning of tasks to be carried out by knowing which vehicles are available in the yard for maintenance;
  • Reduction of downtime for your fleet;
  • Reduction in costs linked to inefficient mechanical operations or poor prioritization of tasks to be carried out.

If you want more information about our integrations, please contact us, we will be happy to help with any questions.

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