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Vehicle, equipment and tool leasing management

Take advantage of a comprehensive tool to manage your leasing contracts and reservations. In addition, track your maintenance on units under contract.

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Simple and efficient contract management.

Easily create long term or short-term rental contracts for your trucks, trailers, heavy equipment or field tools.

Contract preparation is fast and simple. The use of fixed and variable rental rates, global or specific rates to a customer or a contract, management of substitutes and the monitoring of customer insurance provide a great deal of flexibility to overcome all rental scenarios:

  • Fixed rates for rent, insurance, environmental charge and maintenance charged per day, week, 4 weeks or month
  • Variable rates for km and engine hours
  • Billing of accessories, delivery, pick-up, brake and tire wear
  • Automatic increase in annual rates
  • Indexation of fixed and variable rates
  • Maintenance performed by the owner or the customer
  • Monthly billing
  • Pre-authorized payments are possible
  • Unit reservations
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Simplified equipment reservation.

Use the multi-criteria feature search tool to quickly find units that meet customer requirements. Book equipment and convert reservations into contracts in one click.

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Accurate profitability reports.

The user-friendliness of MIR-RT managing the leased units maintenance allows you to quickly see per unit, client or contract what you spent versus what you invoiced and thus get the exact profitability of your leasings.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance software - Automation red icon

reminder automation.

The customer is automatically contacted at regular intervals or when necessary, to remind them of upcoming maintenance on leased equipment. They will also be notified if odometer readings are late or if an insurance policy is due soon.

This automation ensures, among other things, good maintenance management to significantly reduce the risk of unwanted downtime or government fines.

Optimize Your Heavy-Duty Shop Management With MIR-RT

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