MIRCheck Vehicule inspection app EDVIR

Vehicle inspection app (EDVIR)

Quickly complete your fleet inspections and automate the entire process.

MIRCheck - Vehicule Inspection App (EDVIR)

How the app works:

The pre-trip inspection is completed electronically and will be saved on the mobile device and/or on our servers.
An email is automatically sent to the fleet maintenance manager to notify him of any detected anomaly.
A task is automatically created in MIR-RT for each non-compliant point.
All the circle check reports are available in your web portal for 13 months.
MIRCheck - Circle check page (pre-trip inspection)

Goodbye paper inspections!

Free your drivers from the burden of paper forms and improve daily pre-trip inspection quality and speed, all from a mobile device. Our MIRcheck truck inspection app automatically records the date, time, location and vehicle plate.

Unlike paper inspections, Electronic Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (EDVIRs) are accessible at any time, even in areas without an internet connection. Thus, the driver can present it to the controller on request.

Clear and precise documentation.

With paper truck pre-trip inspections, it is sometimes difficult to fully understand the problem when an anomaly is detected. With MIRCheck, the driver can easily document non-compliant points:

  • By taking a photo
  • By recording a video
  • By recording a sound effect
  • By writing a detailed comment

Completing digital daily vehicle inspections using our MIRCheck app helps your team be more efficient.

MIRCheck - Connectivity green icon

Connectivity with our MIR-RT CMMS software.

In the event that defects have been identified, a notification is sent to notify the fleet maintenance manager and a copy of the circle check report is attached. He will therefore be able to forecast in real time the repairs to be made in MIR-RT and reserve the necessary resources before the vehicle arrives at the garage.

Closely monitor your fleet's compliance

By law, it is mandatory to keep your circle checks for 12 months. With MIRCheck, they will be available at all times in your web portal for 13 months.

You can quickly find a circle check by performing an advanced search using different criteria:

  • By driver
  • By unit
  • By status (compliant, non-compliant, etc.)
  • By specific date or interval


The integration with our MIR-RT software will allow you to easily build your complete vehicle file.

Closely monitor your fleet's compliance
MIRCheck - Personalized inspection sheets green icon

Personalized inspection sheets.

Each fleet is unique, which is why our customers like to be able to integrate their own inspection sheets. This allows drivers to focus on doing their circle check, without the hassle of whether or not an aspect applies to the vehicle.

Savings Calculator

Use our calculator and see how much you could save with MIRCheck’s EDVIRs.