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Take advantage of a complete tool offering all the flexibility you need for your internal or external invoicing. Never forget to bill again!

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Internal and external invoicing, by the item or in batch.

At the end of the month, get a summary of the invoicing to be done for each of your clients, brokers or internal divisions.

No more long and tedious research compilations and cost allocation at the end of the month. Keep your administrative staff smiling, saving them precious time. Rest easy knowing that your billing process is under control.

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Complete traceability.

Benefit from a complete traceability of information and avoid double data entry. From a quote, the information can be transferred via a work order and then to an invoice, and if necessary, to a credit note without the user having to re-enter the information.

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Profit or discount margins profiles.

Build revenues profiles with profit or discount margins defined by part category, repair type or price, and apply them to your customers. Prices will be adjusted automatically during checkout!

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Billing automation and transfer to accounting software.

As soon as the Work Order is validated, the invoice is automatically generated and adjusted according to the customer's profile.

The invoice is then transferred to the accounts receivable of your Accounting Software.

This method saves time by eliminating double data entry from one program to another.

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