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Our MIR-RT software helps over 1100 fleets and heavy-duty shops of all sizes take their maintenance management to the next level. See what our valued customers have to say and judge for yourself!

Location Brossard
Transport Riviere du Loup RDL

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Dimension transport - Client DataDis - Industrie Transport (Logiciel MIR-RT)

Dany Bernier
Fleet Manager

“MIR-RT = A CADILLAC. I have been using MIR-RT for over 15 years. It is software that is essential in a transport fleet. MIR-RT has evolved a lot over the years. DataDis is a leader in their field. MIR-RT is a very versatile, intuitive and complete software. It is developed by a team of enthusiasts who advance the software.”

MIR-RT Customer Testimonial - Safex Transport

Pawanjot Kaur
Project Manager

The warranty recovery and claim resolution have improved thanks to the MIR-RT system. The technology gives us the ability to make wise judgments that will lower our overall operating costs while also keeping track of all expenses. The Dashboard tool makes it simple & easy to keep track of KPIs like mechanic performance, inventory and maintenance expenses.

MIR-RT Customer Testimonial - Sylvite Agri-Services

Lisa Wilson
Accounting Administrator

I would highly recommend this program to shops or transportation companies. User friendly and great support. Short or no wait times, experienced and very knowledgeable support persons in place.

Express Mondor - Client DataDis - Industrie Transport (Logiciel MIR-RT)

Guillaume Labrie
IT Manager

“The software is very complete. They have an excellent training team and outstanding support from the technical support department.”

Transport Bernières - Client DataDis - Industrie Transport (Logiciel MIR-RT)

Martine Dupont
IT Manager

“Very complete and easy-to-use software after good training and a lot of practice both in terms of maintenance and inventory. The reports give excellent precision quickly and efficiently.”

MIR-RT Customer Testimonial - Normandin Transport

Michel Nault
Fleet Manager

“The acquisition of the MIR-RT software has allowed us to properly structure the maintenance of our fleet, to know in real-time all our operating costs, to monitor our guarantees properly and to have our performance indicators at your fingertips. Our 50 mechanics quickly adopted this tool thanks to its user-friendliness and performance.”

Pompage Industriel - Client DataDis - Industrie de la construction (Logiciel MIR-RT)

Jacob Villeneuve
Fleet Manager

“I use the MIR-RT software daily, one of the best fleet and garage management solutions. Several of my suppliers also use this software. The DataDis team offers excellent technical support. To try it is to adopt it.”

MIR-RT Customer Testimonial - CMW Express

Claude Boilard
Fleet Manager

“The software is very well done for the follow-up and the interviews to be done for the units. It is easy to use the system. Rather than writing it down on paper, the mechanic would only see them part of the time. Now, in the system, with one click, he sees repairs noted by me or another mechanic, resulting in better tracking of repairs to fleet units.”

Robert Daoust et Fils - Client DataDis - Industrie de la construction (Logiciel MIR-RT)

Caroline Daoust
Administrative Manager

“The MIR software has helped us shop more competently. It allowed us to reduce wasted time with employees to better manage the time allocated for the tasks.”

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