Icone Retorque

Wheel Retorquing management

Easily manage and track your wheel retorques with an intuitive, easy-to-use tool.

Icone - Communication

Real-time communication between the repair shop and the driver.

Schedule a follow-up on retorquing when a user uses specific repair codes in a work order or Mechanic Mode. Personalize your alerts with minimum and maximum distance parameters to travel before the reminder and mention the scale used (KM or miles).

Here is the process of adding retorquing in 4 steps:

1 - Creation of wheel retorquing
2 - The minimum or maximum odometer is reached
3- The driver is notified via the tablet in the truck and must retorque the wheels
4- The mechanical workshop is automatically notified as soon as the wheel retorquing is completed

Icone recherche

A quick and easy search

By specifying a unit, MIR-RT displays all the information related to retorquing. There is a list of currently pending retorquing, the axle diagram, a section of data on removing the chosen wheel, and a section regarding confirming a retorquing.

The wheel retorquing window lists all the tightenings to be carried out according to the chosen parameters. We can, therefore, easily filter the list for a specific period by branch, by owner, by unit, or by an operation to be carried out late or within the prescribed deadlines.

Icone Rapport

Custom Reports

Consult the list of retorquing to be carried out and a history of past work. In these reports, we find several vital pieces of information, such as:

  • The retorquing date
  • Unit odometer on this date
  • The torque applied to the nuts
  • We specify the type of force calculated and end with the user who operated.

Optimize Your Heavy-Duty Shop Management With MIR-RT

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