Our pride lies not only in our solutions, but in the services we provide.

At DataDis, our clients’ long-term success is paramount. This is why our team handles every company with the same outstanding service quality and the same attention to detail, no matter their size or area of expertise.

When you install our MIR-RT software to manage your vehicle and equipment fleet mechanical maintenance, you are sure to get a solution designed specifically for your maintenance team.

Choosing DataDis means accessing expertise in implementing a dedicated maintenance management software solution and a long-term partner!

Analyse des besoins

Needs analysis

From the beginning, a Project Manager is assigned to you and is dedicated to making your project a success.

Our dedicated team makes sure to perform an exhaustive analysis of your needs regarding your fleet maintenance needs, offering you a solution adapted to your true needs and even those you hadn't thought of.

Implementation and training.

We are known for offering an implementation that exceeds expectations. Your team will be trained by highly qualified MIR-RT experts who will ensure a rapid deployment adapted to your needs:

  • Dynamic and tailor-made training.
  • Training on site, remotely or at our offices.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Reference documentation.


The main benefits of our trainings:

  • Better buy-in from staff
  • Better retention of knowledge
  • Increased commitment from your maintenance team
  • Better equipped to increase efficiency and productivity
Intégration de système

Integration with your existing solutions.

Our MIR-RT CMMS Fleet Maintenance Software is at the heart of your mechanical activities. It consolidates and shares information between all your existing solutions (telematics, fuel, accounting system, etc.) to provide users with relevant data in real time.

To learn more about systems that can be integrated with MIR-RT, visit our integrations page.

Technical support and post-implementation follow-up.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our bilingual technicians are available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, to assist you with updating our software, or to quickly identify and fix your software problems.

To ensure that your MIR-RT system is used to its full potential, our team is committed to communicating with you a few weeks after implementation.

Soutien technique
Formation continue

Continuing education and optimization.

Are you using our solutions to their full potential?

Our continuing education program allows you to update your employees' knowledge and train new employees on our solutions.

Our optimization department can also teach your team MIR-RT's best practices. This analysis and training service will allow you to increase the efficiency of your garage, and thus, make your investment profitable.


Learn more about our optimization services.