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Unit management

See detailed information about your units and more!

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Find Information in one click.

Search for your rolling or stationary equipment by plate number, serial number, model, brand... Each unit or asset is listed and all the details are grouped in an easy-to-read file.

  • General information
  • Inspection sheets
  • Preventive maintenance schedules
  • Lists of related work orders and Invoices
  • Parts installed on the unit
  • Active warranties
  • Etc.
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Customize your inspection sheets.

By default, MIR-RT integrates various government inspection sheets (SAAQ, MTO, etc.), but it also allows you to customize your own inspection sheets that you can then assign to your equipment!

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Powerful search filters.

Quickly search for information regarding installed parts, work orders and invoices related to your units for a specific time interval.

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Customize dynamic specifications.

In addition to all the standard fields to characterize your units, you can create an unlimited number of additional fields specific to the characteristics of your fleet.

  • Pictures of the equipment
  • Serial numbers
  • Wheel dimensions
  • Fuel volume
  • The electrical diagram
  • The transmission plans
  • The dealer's website

Explore other features

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Mechanic mode
Easy-to-use interface designed for mechanics to do repairing, not computing!
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Work orders
Validate and close all work orders created automatically in one place!
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Vehicle Tracking Software
See detailed information about your units and more!