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Tire Tracking Management

Track tire condition, performance and cost per kilometer!

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Tire identification and tracking.

Tag your tires with a unique identifier that allows you to track its location, establish its life, compare its performance and plan its replacement.

Recap and casing return is also much easier when the tires are properly identified.

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Reduce your costs by 20%.

Tires are the second largest expense in the transportation industry after gasoline.

Easily get the cost per kilometer of your tires (by brand, model or retread) and evaluate their performance. This information allows you to optimize tire management and reduce your costs by up to 20%.

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Get precise and detailed costs.

Good tire management allows you to assign the depreciated value of the tire to the correct units thus avoiding charging the overall expense only to one unit if a tire is re-installed on another. Expenses are therefore accumulated exactly where they should be. Several indicators will help managers select the right tires:

  • Costs per unit
  • Cost per KM or mile
  • Distance traveled
  • Tire value based on wear
  • Total costs including recaps
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Automatic notifications.

When the tire reaches the predetermined minimum threshold, a notification will be generated automatically to plan the tire change.

Optimize Your Heavy-Duty Shop Management With MIR-RT

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