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Fleet Maintenance Management App

Take Advantage of Several MIR-RT Fleet Maintenance Software Features On-The-Go.

**Soon available on iOS

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iPad_MIRMobile_Simple & Intuitive interface

Simple and intuitive interface.

MIRMobile allows the entry and retrieval of useful information for good fleet maintenance management, from a tablet. The app allows mechanic technicians easily scan parts, find information on vehicles, complete inspection sheets, and more. MIRMobile is also very useful for parts managers who can quickly take partial, cyclical or full inventory.

No internet connection required.

With MIRMobile, the information collected in connected or non-connected mode is synchronized as soon as the Wi-Fi network is available.

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MIRMobile - Mobile Units red icon

Adapted for mobile units.

In MIR-RT, the fleet maintenance manager is able to see the exact location of mobile teams on the road. All he has to do is "drag and drop" the tasks to be performed by the mobile teams and they will be automatically notified on their tablet.

Once the repair is complete, the mobile team can have the customer sign directly on the tablet to confirm the work done. The fleet maintenance manager can then see the signature directly in MIR-RT.

Connected with our CMMS Fleet Mainenance Software

MIRMobile is connected with our MIR-RT Fleet Maintenance Software. By completely eliminating paper processes and double entry, your team will be doubly productive.

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All the fonctionnalities you need, on-the-go!

Red Icon -Fleet Maintenance Mechanics Mode Feature Icon
Mechanic mode

The mechanic technician enters the information related to the mechanical maintenance of vehicles, completes the inspection sheets and scans the parts from the inventory. He can even dictate his comments by voice which will be automatically transcribed on the work order.

Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Purchase Order Software
Purchase order management

The parts manager identifies parts to order and creates his order directly from the application. This allows him to ensure tight inventory management. He can also receive a requisition from other users and place his order right away.

Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Tire Tracking Software
Tire tracking management

The worker creates and identifies new tires, records wear measurements, manages movements (fitting / removing) and tire rotation directly in MIRMobile. No need to take paper notes and then transcribe the information into MIR-RT.

Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Inventory Management Software
Inventory management

The parts manager takes physical inventory easily by scanning parts and identifying quantities. The information will be automatically updated in MIR-RT. The application is particularly useful when you want to carry out a partial, cyclical or total inventory.

Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Real-Time Fleet Manager Feature
Odometer tracking management

The worker can easily update the vehicle odometer directly in MIRMobile to ensure proper monitoring of preventive maintenance.