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Purchase order management

Manage purchase orders and receive parts with our automation tools.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance software - Automation red icon

Purchase orders automation.

Never run out of parts during mechanical maintenance and repairs. Thanks to the self-managed controls, orders are made automatically according to predefined minimum and maximum quantities.

Automation simplifies and minimizes your inventory level.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance system - Tracking red icon

Simple and effective tracking.

Track your purchase orders by status (sent, received, not available) and verify if your suppliers are actually meeting the expected delivery date.

When the purchase order is received, the invoice only needs to be validated. The parts are automatically entered into the inventory and the amounts are transferred to your accounting system.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance program - Error red icon

Avoid duplicate purchase orders.

Upon placing a new purchase order, MIR-RT will automatically notify you if the required part is already ordered from one of your suppliers.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance software - Validate red icon

An integrated authorization system.

MIR-RT provides managers with authorization mechanisms to avoid purchasing errors.

  • Control the rights to order or not.
  • Identify the maximum purchase amount allowed for a user.
  • Manage order authorization and approval levels.
  • Restrict purchase orders when certain parts have no price.

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