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Here, we answer questions asked by everyone involved in the process!

MIR-RT is the perfect tool for companies that own a fleet of vehicles, large or small, and that are looking for a specialized maintenance management system for their units.

MIR-RT automates all preventive and corrective maintenance processes in their mechanical shop and shares information directly with their accounting.

MIR-RT is available On-Premise or SaaS (Software as a Service). With the On-Premise version, MIR-RT is installed on workstations in your mechanical workshop, in fleet managers offices, and in accounting and management offices.

Yes, DataDis has developed MIRMobile, a tablet application that works in connected or unconnected mode. It allows mechanics to document their work on the road and parts managers to take inventory on site.

When connected, the app synchronizes in real time with MIR-RT and automatically updates the information.

One strength of our MIR-RT CMMS solution is that it is 100% customizable for each user’s preferences.

All MIR-RT modules appear as tiles in the main window. These can be moved, enlarged or deleted as required. In addition, each module has columns of information that can be moved around at the user’s discretion.

Yes. Since we have several clients throughout North America, all of our solutions, our technical support and our communications are available in both languages.

Yes, the access control system eliminates the possibility of intrusion, since each user must enter a personal password before being able to start a work session.

It is even possible to block specific users from certain modules or actions inside the software in order to eliminate any risk of mistakes.

MIR-RT offers over 100 integrated reports that are 100% customizable for each user. You can therefore add or remove fields to get exactly the data you wish to see in your report.

Yes. MIR-RT is specialized software for vehicle fleets, but it’s very flexible. Several of our clients also manage the preventive and corrective maintenance of their fixed units.

Yes, it is possible to finance your MIR-RT acquisition over 24, 36 or 48 months.

Contact us for more information.

The number of licenses required for your company depends on the number of users working in MIR-RT simultaneously.

For example, if you have four (4) mechanics, a fleet manager, an accountant and a general manager who needs to work on MIR-RT at the same time, you will need seven licenses.

Yes, our trainers can train your staff in your own offices, in our DataDis offices in Quebec City Montreal or Toronto, and remotely via video conferencing.

DataDis adapts to your schedule and time constraints.

We are recognized for offering a training experience that exceeds expectations.

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Yes of course! We offer a continuing training program to update your employees’ knowledge or train new employees.

Contact us for more information on our continuing training service.

Yes, an interactive guide is available in MIR-RT to quickly help you. No matter where you are in the software, type F1 on the keyboard and a window will open displaying detailed information about the specific module you are currently using.

MIR-RT is 100% compatible with the vast majority of telematics, fuel and accounting solutions used in Canada and the United States.

To find out if we are compatible with your solutions, we invite you to visit the partners page on our website.

Yes, MIR-RT has an import-export module. All data and report results are presented in spreadsheets. If necessary, they can be copied to Excel or other formats. The resulting grids can also be exported.

Yes. Several of our clients have gone from another CMMS software to our MIR-RT software. Your Project Manager will help you import all the data from your old solution, either as an Excel or CSV file, directly into MIR-RT!

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