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100+ fleet maintenance and compliance reports to help you manage your fleet according to industry best practices.

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Professional management reports.

Out of the 100+ reports found in our MIR-RT Fleet Maintenance Software, we have identified the fifteen reports most commonly used by fleet managers.

Specify the scope of the report and generate it, then highlight important information or sections to review, and add personal notes before printing or emailing it.

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Automatic sending and easy exporting.

Reports can be emailed in PDF format to one or more recipients or exported to Excel or Word in just a few clicks.

MIR-RT also offers the possibility to automatically generate a report daily, monthly, annually or at a specific date and send it by email to predefined recipients without you having to intervene.

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Report customization.

Use the flexibility of the Query Manager to create unlimited reports that can be customized according to each user's needs.

Choose the data you want to include in your report, organize the displayed columns order, sort the information as you wish, group it, add totals and averages, and generate graphs.

Use our editor tool to highlight the relevant information to review.

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Our reports enable you to:

  • Know past and future fleet maintenance
  • Plan unit replacement
  • Identify vehicles whose fuel consumption or fleet maintenance costs exceed your standards
  • Analyze internal labour costs
  • Compare actual to estimated fleet maintenance repair times
  • Evaluate the cost of work done externally
  • Track warranty claims
  • Know the inventory value
  • Print a list of transactions on parts
  • Know the distances travelled by a vehicle or equipment
  • Evaluate tire performance
  • Meet audit requirements of provincial department of transportation

Optimize Your Heavy-Duty Shop Management With MIR-RT

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