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Warranty and claim management

Get your money back by automating warranties.

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Three types of warranties.

Three types of warranties can be followed:

  • General warranties on the unit (engine, transmission, chassis)
  • Warranties on parts
  • Warranties offered by service providers (external warranties)
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Substantial savings with warranties automation.

By automating warranties and closely monitoring the cores, the manager of an average fleet of 200 trucks can expect to recover approximately $180,000 in warranties annually!

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Identify, submit and track your warranty claims.

In order to facilitate claims, several supplier forms were integrated in MIR-RT. Simply select the one you need from the list.

You can then track the status of your claims through the embedded status tabs.

No more paper forms, the whole process is simplified in MIR-RT!

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Extending the warranties duration.

Normally, when you buy a part, the warranty starts on the purchase date.

With the tools built into MIR-RT, your suppliers will recognize the installation date as the warranty start date.

Optimize Your Heavy-Duty Shop Management With MIR-RT

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