Red Icon - Historical Data of all Fleet maintenance operations


Fleet Managers can quickly access previous information on everything related to the mechanical workshop.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance program - Information red icon

Be prepared for an audit.

In situations where you are undergoing an internal or regulatory audit, quickly find all the information about:

  • Work orders.
  • Inspection files.
  • Inspection reports.
  • Travel records.
  • Break and tires records.
  • Logged maintenance.
MIR-RT fleet maintenance software - Click red icon

One-click inspection proofs.

At the request of an inspector from the MTO or the SAAQ,  or your insurer, it will be easy to find and print the inspection sheets, brake and tire records and associated work orders to produce your compliance file.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance program - Filter red icon

Powerful search filters.

The use of filters and sorts allows you to view information for a specific period, a specific unit, a group of units or a particular branch.

Explore other features

Red Icon -Fleet Maintenance Mechanics Mode Feature Icon
Mechanic mode
Easy-to-use interface designed for mechanics to do repairing, not computing!
Red Icon -Fleet Maintenance Work Order Management Software
Work orders
Validate and close all work orders created automatically in one place!
Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Vehicle Tracking Software
See detailed information about your units and more!