Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Fuel Tracking Software

Fuel and fluid management

Keep a close eye on the fuel and fluid consumption of your fleet vehicles!

MIR-RT fleet maintenance software - Automation red icon

Data entry automation.

Entering fuel and fluids data into MIR-RT is performed via an automated bridge that transfers the information from your fuel, urea, windshield washer, oil or other pump management software.

Other bridges also make it possible to integrate oil company transactions when your drivers fill up on the road.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance program - Fuel theft red icon

Protection against fuel theft.

By combining fuel purchase information with truck tank level and distance traveled, it is possible to easily isolate units where fuel consumption appears to be higher than usual.

Automatically receive a report at the specified frequency, so that you can act quickly.

Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Fuel Tracking Software

Detailed consumption reports.

Get a variety of reports to help you make informed decisions to reduce your costs.

  • Consumption per km or mile.
  • Statement of fuel purchases by unit, jurisdiction and fuel supplier.
  • Maintenance costs including or excluding fuel costs.
MIR-RT fleet maintenance system - Reports red icon

Simplified IFTA reports.

MIR-RT integrates your fuel data and GPS location by state/province for each of your units.

This allows you to automatically generate your IFTA report on the government form without the headache of gathering all the information manually.


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