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Inventory management

Take control of your inventory!

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Barcode management.

Whether it is to remove a part from inventory, to order it or to take inventory, the use of a barcode reader will greatly facilitate your task.

When the part is scanned, the inventory is automatically adjusted, which greatly reduces the risk of errors and gives you better control over your inventory.

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Parts management by minimum and maximum.

When creating a part in your inventory, it is possible to set a minimum threshold and a maximum limit to keep in your physical inventory.

Self-managed orders use minimums and maximums to suggest to the storekeeper which parts to order.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance system - Organization red icon

One part, several suppliers.

The cross-reference management integrated in the inventory module allows you to create a single part in your inventory and associate it with your different suppliers.

By eliminating any parts duplication, your inventory management will be greatly simplified and your reports will be more accurate.

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Return parts without movement.

Got parts that have been sitting in your warehouse for a long time? Easily check the list, return them to your suppliers. You'll save money and space.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance program - Multi-branch management red icon

Multi-branch management.

Independently manage the inventory of your various garages/branches and analyze parts in inventory for one, several or all branches. Optimize your inventory level by transferring parts from one location to another.

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