Red Icon - Fleet Maintenance Vendor Management Software

Supplier management

View all of your suppliers' details in one place.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance system - Centralization red icon

Centralized data.

Each branch manages its own parts and service suppliers. The suppliers' tab provides access to:

  • Administrative information
  • List of contacts for each department
  • List of invoices
  • The currencies
  • Supplier categories and their location

The supplier’s email address allows MIR-RT to send purchase orders in PDF format automatically.

Large Red Icon (Full) - Historical Data of all Fleet maintenance operations

A detailed history of invoices.

In each supplier sheet, all invoices related to a specific time interval can be viewed.

In addition, the module provides information on who placed the order, for how many vehicles, at what unit and total cost.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance software - Pricing red icon

Negotiate your pricing.

Quickly get the total amount spent with a supplier in real time for a specific time interval. This information provides you with an important leverage and is essential when you enter into a new agreement with your suppliers.

MIR-RT fleet maintenance system - Performance red icon

Evaluate the performance of your suppliers.

Using the dashboard, quickly assess your suppliers’ performance indicators:

  • Delivery times
  • On-time delivery

Optimize Your Heavy-Duty Shop Management With MIR-RT

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