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540 Maintenance - Anytrek

Bring your maintenance to a whole new level with 540° Maintenance, a new web series presented by DataDis! Every month, Catherine Blackburn and Marjolaine Moisan will discuss different topics with various partners, associations and industry experts.

In this episode, the 540° Maintenance received Emma Roland, Director of Business Development, and Kim Boulanger, Director of Sales at Anytrek Canada, in our 540° Maintenance studio in Quebec City.

Who is Anytrek Canada?

Anytrek is a trailer tracking solution founded in California in 2012. The company has grown significantly to reach six divisions in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Anytrek Canada has offered integration with MIR-RT to optimize vehicle and heavy equipment maintenance management for four years. This integration is bearing fruit by providing substantial added value to the customers of both organizations benefiting from this synergy.

Anytrek Main Benefits

  • Reduce trailer thefts thanks to the hidden, discreet geolocation device covered 100% in the lights;
  • Provide accurate, real-time data on trailers on the road;
  • Generate handy and concrete reports thanks to the constantly improving online platform;
  • Eliminate manual yard checks;
  • No long-term commitment when purchasing an Anytrek device;
  • Improve trailer utilization and reduce downtime.

The excellent relationship we have established over the last few years between our two young teams is based on a similar business vision, values ​​and team spirit, making it a valuable asset for our two companies and our joint customers.

Main Features of Our Integration:

1. Automated Trailer Odometer Update

Our solution, MIR-RT, automatically get trailer odometer readings from Anytrek, enabling better tracking of maintenance schedules for all equipment and providing cost-per-distance travelled statistics. To further improve our integration, as soon as a unit enters your yard, Anytrek notifies your MIR-RT maintenance software if a repair or maintenance is necessary, according to the data collected.

2. Geofencing Integration (Coming Soon)

Integrated geolocation will allow fleet maintenance managers to optimize and better plan preventive maintenance and repair tasks based on the locations of their fleet units. Managers will be able to know in real-time if their trailers are on the road or physically at the mechanic workshop.

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