Icone Gestionnaire en temps reel

Real-time manager

This feature allows the fleet manager to be in the garage without being there!

Icone visibilite

Overall visibility on the mechanics team in real-time.

View all the information you need to make sure your mechanical shop is under control:

  • Names of mechanic technicians currently at work
  • The unit on which each of the mechanic technicians are currently working or have worked during the day
  • Mechanic technicians' branch/location
  • The work order related to the unit
  • The labor

Detailed visibility.

Double click on a mechanic technician's name and view all the information related specifically to his day's work.

Icone courriel

MIRMail: Leave notes for your mechanics.

The fleet manager can send a message directly to the mechanic technician to check the progress of a task, inform him of a delay for any reason, or give him relevant information to a specific task. As soon as the mechanic technician logs on to mechanic mode, the message is displayed.

As a result, communication between employees on different shifts or from one branch to another becomes more fluid.

Icone Progression

Tracking of the completed tasks % and alerts.

When you establish the estimated time for a task, it is possible to track the percentage completed in real time.

Get a clear visual of progress and receive an alert when a certain threshold is reached.

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