What to look for when choosing your next CMMS Software ?

What to look for when choosing your next CMMS Software

Your mechanics are at the heart of your company. When you’re choosing your next CMMS software, make sure to keep their user experience at the top of your priority. Because choosing the right CMMS software could either make you a master at maintenance or make you waste a lot of time and money.

In this video, one of our experts gives you some key features to look for in your next CMMS software.

To ensure you choose a solution that suits your needs, here is a list of essential features to look for in order to choose the right CMMS software for you:

15 essential features your next CMMS software should include :

  • Be made specifically for your industry
  • Integrate with your ecosystem and your solutions already in place
  • Give you access to personalized training for your mechanics
  • Automate all of your operations
  • Provide access to reports and KPIs to monitor your operations
  • Allow you to see your inventory in real time, but above all to self-manage your orders
  • Allow you to follow maintenance operations in the garage without physically being there
  • Automatically create and sort your work orders by type and status
  • Facilitate the process of ordering and receiving parts with automated processes
  • Give you quick access to all the information you need in a personalized and user friendly dashboard
  • Allow you to automate the management of your warranties and cores
  • Allow you to track the condition of your tires, their performance and cost per kilometre
  • Give you access to a planning tool allowing you to have a clear and automated task list for all departments involved
  • Allow you to see all your suppliers information in one place
  • Being able to easily provide a complete file for each of your vehicles in the event of an audit.

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3 questions to ask yourself before choosing a CMMS software:

Whether you are looking to change your existing CMMS software or you’re starting from scratch, you should ask yourself the following questions:

1- What are my goals?

It is essential to establish concrete and achievable objectives adapted to your company and your reality. For example, if you want to replace your software already in place, ask yourself what are the weak points or the irritants of this software. If you’re starting from scratch, ask yourself what are the biggest problems or frustrations your maintenance team is experiencing?

2- Who will be part of the decision-making process?

It is important to set up a team that will be involved throughout the process, starting with the choice of the solution, to its use and implementation. Choose at least one person per department that will be using the software. Their point of view is important because they will know what is necessary to improve operations in their department.

3- What is my budget?

In order to establish a realistic initial budget adapted to your company, ask yourself: How much can I spend at most, each year, on CMMS software? Keep in mind that a good CMMS software will save you money in the long run and it will maximize your ROI by increasing your margins.

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