New MIR2MIR interface!

A new Mir2Mir interface has been put into operation in recent weeks. Among the main changes, the interface and information processes have been completely redesigned. This version will offer a more pleasant and intuitive navigation.

The AJAX technology, which we have integrated, allows us to refresh only the necessary information and not the entire page. This modification avoids a "blinking" of the page.

In addition, many waiting windows have been added for longer treatments to show the user that something is happening. We have also added a visual code that informs the user of the remaining configurations to be done.

The main changes of the interface concern navigation, now more intuitive. For example, the tabs have been moved in a horizontal band to make navigation more enjoyable.

In addition, the Frequently Asked Questions document is now available on the website and the double-click has been disabled to make optimal use on mobile devices.

In short, Mir2Mir had a major makeover!


Jean-Pierre Moffet