New clients: TNT Group and EGL

Groupe TNT Excavation G. Larouche

DataDis proudly welcomes two new clients.

The TNT Group and Excavation G Larouche are now part of our clients and we are proud to offer them our 25 years of experience. Our expertise in the field of computerized maintenance management, our teams of developers and trainers not forgetting our technical support department will facilitate their use of MIR-RT.

TNT Group
In 2014 the TCI Group, specialized mostly in the construction, maintenance and management of electricity and telephony network infrastructures, acquired a large part of Hexagon Group’s assets to create the TNT Group thus taking an expertise in municipal public infrastructures and transport.

Excavation G. Larouche
EGL founded in 1983 specializing over the years in the field of construction and civil engineering. EGL works in the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors. Rehabilitation of dam embankments, road construction, water and sewer installation, culvert installation, formwork and concreting are just some of their expertise.


Welcome these two new clients.