MIR-Rental is one of several modules offered in MIR-RT, our heavy vehicle fleet maintenance management software.

Already used by many of our clients, MIR-Rental allows optimal management of your rental contracts while maintaining total control over the maintenance management of your equipment and operating costs. It automates billing of your services to your customers or divisions. All this being connected to your accounting system.

For example, a customer contacts you to rent one of your equipment.

Which one will you select for the contract? Is it in working order?
Is there an upcoming interview soon? A vignette to renew?

And once the unit is in the hands of the customer. How can you ensure that your maintenance program is respected?

Do you offer maintenance and repairs on your contracts? Are you sure to charge for the work not covered? Do you know what you really have as a profit?

MIR-Rental is the solution for all these situations and many others.
Several major players in the rental of trucks, trailers, refrigerated units, heavy equipment and construction trust MIR-Rental and MIR-RT.

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