2015 Cutomers meeting

On June 11th 2015 was held the 8th annual meeting of partners Data Dis, which coincided with the 25th anniversary of the company. The event attracted over 150 people, mostly fleet maintenance directors and was held for the first time at the Hotel Mortagne in Boucherville.

These 150 people, representing more than 100 Data Dis clients, came to attend the presentation of the new features of MIR-RT software. This meeting was also used to gather feedback from customers in order to improve the MIR-RT software according to the needs of industries operating in the fields of freight transport, passenger transport, heavy equipment, municipal domain and any other matters related to equipment maintenance. At this occasion Mr. Marc Blackburn, president of Data Dis, presented the MIR2MIR and VAD softwares, respectively being a tool for sharing information between the MIR-RT customers and suppliers and a software that manages vehicle driver inspection sheets on smart phone and tablet. This year, Data Dis added a booth section for some suppliers in the same domain of activities to enhance the experience of the participants and it was a huge success.