DataDis Announces New Wheel Retorquing Integration With ISAAC

DataDis x Isaac

At DataDis, we are proud to have more than 1000 integrations between our maintenance software solutions and different solutions in the heavy vehicle and equipment industry. By constantly developing new partnerships, we make MIR-RT, our heavy-duty shop management software, the central point of your fleet management. When we implement our software, we connect to the entire digital ecosystem you already have in place and make integrations with all the solutions you use beforehand.

Today, we are happy to announce that our wheel retorquing integration with ISAAC Instruments is finally available to our customer base!

How Does the Wheel Retorquing Integration With ISAAC Work?

The brand new integration developed by our integrations team in collaboration with ISAAC offers you the possibility of managing and monitoring the wheel retorquing of your fleet, thanks to real-time communication between your drivers and your heavy-duty shop.

It is now possible to schedule wheel retorques when a user uses specific repair codes in a work order or in our RT Mode. Thanks to the bidirectional bridge y with ISAAC, by entering the minimum and maximum distance to travel before the reminder, you can automate data collection and retorque reminders to be carried out. Concretely, when a retorquing to be carried out is activated in MIR-RT, the driver is automatically notified on his ISAAC tablet. In the opposite direction, if the driver does the creation manually, the information is transferred from the ISAAC tablet to the MIR-RT software. Please note that you can customize the distances in KM or miles.

The wheel retorquing module can manage up to 14 axles on a single unit and offers countless reporting possibilities and displays of information related to retorquing. It includes a list of currently pending retorquing, the axle diagram, a section of data concerning the chosen wheel’s removal, and a section concerning the confirmation of a retightening. Finally, you can also view the history of past wheel retorques.

How Can Our Wheel Retorquing Integration with ISAAC help ?

  • Communication of information in real time between the heavy-duty shop and the driver;
  • Automation of the wheel retorquing to be carried out planning process ;
  • Reduction of errors linked to forgetting certain retorquing;
  • Bidirectional data exchange between MIR-RT and ISAAC tablet;
  • Reduced time spent on the computer by your mechanics/supervisors.
  • Better Safety Compliance.

If you want more information about our integrations, please contact us, we will be happy to help with any questions.

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