The dashboard : knowledge at your fingertips!

Have you ever wondered what the dashboard is, what benefits it offers and, most importantly, why pay? Very good questions, let's answer them.

Imagine an aviator who flies without any telemetry: he will have trouble to notice his problems and to choose his priorities. Now put him in a cockpit where he can study the situation to make the best decisions. No doubt a less stressful life, right?

You are the pilot
Which story do you prefer? If you go with option 2, the dashboard exists for you. Because this virtual cockpit presents you the data compiled from MIR-RT according to precise filters that you select.

· Analyze 11 themes, detailed tables for each component of the garage.
· Detect problems with clear charts and statements.
· Dig and explore the information used for each outcome.
· Zoom into the simplest element: the work order or the unit record, for example.
· Print or export each window in Word, Excel, PDF and more.

In the end, the dashboard is designed to help you make the best decisions in the shortest time possible. So, treat yourself, try it, contact us!

By Stéphane Bussières

MIR-RT specialist