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18+ customizable

MIR-RT is fully dedicated to your fleet maintenance operations. It manages your work orders, tires, fuel, warranties, inventory, and many other features. All modules can be customized to your preferences and reality.

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Real-time Fleet Maintenance Statistics, Reports, and KPIs.

On the home screen, each module presents general statistics in real time, offering a quick look at all aspects of the fleet. It is possible to automatically generate and send more than 100 customizable reports for all modules. The dashboard presents all the essential Key Performance Indicators to make informed decisions.

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DataDis - Solutions mobiles intuitives et connectées

Intuitive and connected mobile solutions.

All our mobile solutions are connected with our MIR-RT software to streamline your fleet maintenance operations.

  • MIRMobile offers you several functionalities to manage your mechanical maintenance operations on-the-go.
  • MIRCheck helps your drivers complete their circle checks faster. A task will automatically be created in MIR-RT if any anomaly is detected.
  • MIRNote helps your employees to quickly take notes, using voice recognition, when they need to report a problem on equipment.

1000+ integration opportunities.

We are aware that you want to take advantage of your solutions already in place. For this reason, we have developed universal gateways to connect and centralize all your information.

Thanks to these gateways, MIR-RT is compatible and communicates in real time with the vast majority of telematics, fuel, accounting, and dispatch solutions on the market.

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Adapted to your reality.

Specialized CMMS software preventive and corrective maintenance management of your fleet and mechanical workshop.
Application to manage your mechanical maintenance operations on-the-go.
Mobile application allowing your drivers to quickly record and document circle checks electronically.
Note-taking app with voice recognition to quickly report a problem observed with your equipment!