COVID-19 : MIR-RT tips and tricks

Dear clients,

As you know, we have started the #AllTogether campaign to provide a list of companies that are able to offer their maintenance and repair services to all carriers of essential goods.

Here at Data Dis, going through this pandemic, we have no choice but to raise questions regarding how we approach working with our clientele.

We are proposing a new initiative, focused on offering you new ways to maximize the use of your MIR-RT system during these times. Ideas that will help improve communication and functionality while enabling all parties to keep their distances and limit contact with one another, ultimately contributing to flattening the curve.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can be useful to help promote social distancing through MIR-RT. Implementing these practices and using our tools will allow you to improve your productivity, all while actively participating to slow the spread. Your internal processes, during and following the pandemic, will undoubtedly improve in efficiency.

1. Using the Real Time Manager will inform you of what your mechanics are currently working on and will help avoid many unnecessary exchanges between parties.

2. Valuing exchanges through MIR-Mail will simplify and help create secure interventions between all members of the organisation

3. Assigning tasks through the use of the Planning Module will reduce down time and further solidifies exchanges on jobs that need to get done.

Other pointers will be provided in the following days. Do not hesitate to improve this list and send us your own ideas at

The full list as well as all new ideas will be posted and available on our website at the following address:

Our actions have an impact on the fight we are facing against this pandemic.