Features that make your day-to-day work easier

A simple and effective interface, because a powerful software is a properly used software

The RT mode is a simple and complete interface used by mechanics on workstations arranged in the workshop. This module allows the mechanic to choose from a list a task assigned to him or to identify the task he is going to perform. MIR-RT will then generate the work order automatically to avoid this step to the foreman. The mechanic may complete inspection sheets, identify the inventory parts to be used for his work, be notified of the current warranties and make requisitions to the storekeeper.

The automatic creation of work orders is one of the major strengths of MIR-RT, which allows your employees to spend more time in the workshop than on the computer. Your preventive maintenance schedule will be better.

Work orders are used to record parts, labor and shop supplies required to complete a task on a vehicle. With MIR-RT there is no need to enter this information after a mechanic’s work has been completed.  One of the ways in which MIR improves efficiency is in providing the ability for mechanics to use their own work order documentation screen.  Mechanics Mode, MIR’s easy to use mechanic’s interface, transfers data to the work order in real-time.  All time, parts, notes, inspection results including brake depth and tire depth can be recorded. Mechanics Mode simplifies work order management while improving the efficiency and accuracy of work orders. 

The Work Order Management module gives the manager full control over work order details such as editing, adding and removing content and documenting work performed.  Depending upon the definition of an order, the costs may also be marked up for retail invoicing purposes.

The information in this module is used for obtaining detailed reports on the status of the fleet, the causes of failure, types of interventions, types of repairs, parts used and total cost of repairs. If done manually, these reports are very hard to obtain.  With MIR-RT however, these detailed reports are always at your fingertips, saving you time and effort.

In addition to the standard features, the purchase order management module automates orders following a set of rules, avoiding the inconvenience of missing parts during maintenance and mechanical repairs. It makes the tracking of undelivered quantities easier and makes it possible to order tires with their tag numbers. It also provides managers with validation mechanisms to avoid mistakes in the purchasing process.

  • Control of rights to perform purchase orders.
  • Identification of the maximum purchase amount permitted for a user.
  • Management of authorization levels and approval of orders.
  • Restricting orders when certain parts have no price.

The information contained in this module provides detailed reports on the types of parts ordered, their order frequency, adjusted orders and also the inventory’s minimum and maximum quantity.

You’ll never have to worry about over stocking parts with MIR-RT! The software will notify you if parts are already on order. There is an invoice verification process that must be completed for every supplier and duplicate orders can be managed before transferring the accounts payable into your accounting software.

The inventory module includes functions specific to parts management. The automatic updates when receiving parts, the use of barcodes and cross-references, the warranty tracking and the automation of cores management give storekeepers simple and efficient tools to properly manage their inventory.

The staff will also be able to consult parts catalogs to check the purchase log and to take a look at the installation history of any inventory parts to know its use over time.

Our mechanical maintenance management software manages warranties on three levels: management of general warranties applied to your units (engine, cab…), part warranties and warranties on the work performed. During a mechanical repair, the mechanic will be informed of the current warranty.

Warranties monitoring is often overlooked, resulting in significant monetary losses for the company. MIR-RT simplifies this management by allowing automatic claims to be generated and easily tracked. Several supplier-customized forms are integrated in MIR and can be sent directly by e-mail to the related supplier.

Each unit in your fleet is indexed and every detail is grouped in an easy-to-read form: general information, personalized and government inspection sheets, preventive maintenance schedule, parts installed on the unit, active warranties, related work orders and invoices.

MIR is also very flexible, it gives you the ability to add an unlimited number of fields to provide your employees with all the information they need to perform their job effectively. Finally, the experienced manager will be able to consult in a single click, in real time, the unit’s maintenance costs detail and print the reports necessary for its decision-making.

Whether for breakage, preventive maintenance or mechanical inspection, quickly document a request from a driver or a customer and manage it efficiently. All the information of the concerned unit is easily accessible and the use of the statuses, automatically switched by MIR according to certain conditions, makes it easy to follow the evolution of work in your garage. The Symptom, Cause, and Correction sections help to properly document the intervention.

Managers can view previous information on work orders, inspection sheets, trip records, register of brakes and tires and maintenances recorded in real-time.

The use of filtering and sorting tools makes it possible to consult this information for a specific unit, a group of units or a branch. At the request of an inspector, it will be easy to find and print an inspection sheet containing defects and the work order on which they have been repaired.

This module will allow you to monitor in real time the mechanical maintenance costs of your heavy equipment used during a project and according to an allocated budget.

MIR-RT will keep a record of all the work orders specific to the units that you will have assigned to the project

We offer you the best ROI on the market

It’s difficult to quantify all the advantages that MIR-RT will bring to you in terms of centralization of information, consultation and automation as well as savings related to the monitoring of guarantees and claims.


However, we did a study with our customers about our unique process of computerizing work orders and we can say that our maintenance management software will save you a minimum of 15 minutes per work order.


With MIR-RT, your foreman is less on the computer and more present where it matters.

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