Icone Tableau de bord


Essential tool for the manager to get a global view of the performance, costs and condition of his fleet.

Icone Performance

Key performance indicators.

Several KPIs will allow the manager to quickly analyze:

  • Performance of mechanical workshop
  • Overall maintenance, fuel or tire costs
  • Cost of units (total, per km, per mile, per hour)
  • The cost of preventive vs. corrective maintenance
  • Budgeted cost overruns
  • Maintenance (safety and compliance)
  • Fuel (consumption, L/100, costs)
  • Tires (costs per brand/model, quantity available, statistics...)
  • The inventory (entries/exits, guarantees, out of stock)
  • The fleet (availability, useful life, MTBF...)
  • Benchmarking (per unit, per group...)
  • Purchase Orders (average delivery time, purchase history...)
  • Accidents (number, average duration of repairs...)
  • The availability of its assets

Powerful data mining tool.

The dashboard is dynamic and gives you an overview of several key performance indicators. Double-click on the information for more details, all the way to the data source!

Icone Personnalisation

Customize the information displayed.

  • By period (annual, quarterly, monthly or customizable)
  • By branch
  • By custom groups (type of equipment, make, year of vehicles)
Icone Code Couleur

Intuitive colour codes.

The dashboard was designed to provide useful information at a glance. This is why we have integrated color codes to quickly detect anomalies for analysis.

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