DataDis Announces New Accounting Integration With McLeod

DataDis & McLeod

At DataDis, we take pride in our extensive portfolio of over 1000 integrations linking our maintenance software solutions with various heavy vehicle and equipment industry platforms. Through ongoing partnership development, we’ve positioned MIR-RT, our mechanical shop management software, as the central hub for fleet management. When we deploy our software, we seamlessly connect with your existing digital ecosystem and integrate with all your preferred solutions.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the availability of our accounting integration with McLeod for our customers!

How Does the Accounting Integration With McLeod Work?

Our new integration, developed by our integrations team, facilitates seamless accounting for expenses and revenues related to mechanical maintenance by sharing data between your accounting system and maintenance software.

Typically, without an accounting bridge, each operation (such as work orders, purchase orders, or parts requisitions) is recorded in your heavy-duty shop management software and then manually categorized in your McLeod accounting system. This duplication of effort imposes a significant administrative burden, consuming valuable time that could be spent on process improvement and cost reduction. Fortunately, our integration eliminates this inefficiency, benefiting all McLeod and MIR-RT users by optimizing organizational processes.

How Can Our Accounting Integration With McLeod Help You?

  • Eliminates double data entry across different systems;
  • Reduces the risk of errors caused by manual input;
  • Centralizes information for improved decision-making;
  • Provides real-time monitoring of expenses and maintenance-related accounting information from MIR-RT or McLeod;
  • Enables configuration of error rules to automate accounting operation controls for repetitive errors;
  • Facilitates automatic management of inventory movements.

Learn more about the functionality and benefits of an accounting bridge for your organization by reading our exclusive article here!

How an accounting integration can make fleet managers more efficient.

SIf you want more information about our integrations, please contact us, we will be happy to help with any questions.

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