540° Maintenance – Episode #5 : TGI Connect

TGI Connect X DataDis

Bring your maintenance to a whole new level with 540° Maintenance, a new web series presented by DataDis! Every month, Catherine Blackburn and Marjolaine Moisan will discuss different topics with various partners, associations and industry experts.

For this episode, the 540° Maintenance received Jamie Williams, President and Noha Abdelaziz, Director of Business Development at TGI Connect in our 540° Maintenance studio in Quebec City. In this first part, we discuss our strong partnership as well as the integration of our software.

Part 1

Part 2 (coming soon)

Who is TGI Connect?

TGI Connect is a trailer tracking solution. Formed in 1992, TGI originally provided trailer marketing opportunities to trucking companies. And with many successful relationships being developed over the past 18 years TGI has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in trailer asset management. Through this experience TGI has developed a very powerful and cost effective solution for trailer asset management.

TGI Main Benefits

  • Reduce Trailer Ratios
  • Reduce Trailer Detention
  • Eliminate Manual Yard Checks
  • Eliminate Customer Dwell
  • Improve Trailer Utilization
  • Reduce Trailer Rentals

The strong relationship that we have established over the last few years has been based on similar business vision, values and team spirit which makes it an asset to both our companies and our customers.

Main features of our integration:

1. Automated trailer odometer update

Our solution, MIR-RT automatically gets the trailer’s odometer from TGI, which allows better monitoring of maintenance schedules on all equipment and provides cost per distance traveled statistics.

2. Geofencing integration

In MIR-RT, Fleet Maintenance Managers can see a list of the tasks to complete on units (whether they are preventive or corrective) and with this integration they can also see in real-time which trailers are available in any of their yards. This feature allows them to take a proactive approach to maintenance.

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In this episode, we received Jamie Williams, President and Noha Abdelaziz, Director Of Business at TGI Connect in our 540° Maintenance studio at our Quebec office.
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