540° Maintenance – Episode #3 : TransPlus Software 

TransPlus - DataDis Integration

Bring your maintenance to a whole new level with 540° Maintenance, a new web series presented by DataDis! Every month, Catherine Blackburn and Marjolaine Moisan will discuss different topics with various partners, associations and industry experts.

In this third episode, we talk about our seamless partnership with TransPlus Software. We will dive into the details of our integration and discuss the industry with Scott Currie‑Mills​, Product Director.

TransPlus provides a powerful and intuitive Transport Management System (TMS) designed to simplify the complexities of trucking dispatch to improve fleet operations. Their TMS platform automates, streamlines, and optimizes carrier and broker operations to effectively manage shipments throughout the entire transportation cycle.

Here are the 3 main features of our integration:

1. Units synchronization

The integration improves efficiency and reduces the duplication of data entry. When the details of the units are entered into the MIR-RT system it is automatically reflected into the TransPlus software and vice-versa.

2. Status synchronization

The information about the status of all units is synchronized, so that when a unit is unavailable or in repair, the dispatcher can see it right away and can plan a different unit to take the road.

3. Integrated notes

The integration allows every organization member to have access to necessary information about their units, such as maintenance notes. Dispatchers can see the notes coming from the garage, since it is all in the same ecosystem. It saves time and improves efficiency.

4. Preventive maintenance coming due

Dispatchers can see in the TransPlus software when there is upcoming maintenance or any notes from the garage, which will allow them to make informed decisions about a unit. It truly helps dispatchers and the garage to be more proactive.

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