New clients : Sanivac, Location NRJ, Mazout Bélanger and Transwest

Sanivac Mazout Bélanger Trans-West Location NRJ

Sanivac, Location NRJ, Fuel Belanger and Trans-West have recently decided to trust DataDis and have chosen to install the MIR-RT software for managing the maintenance of their heavy vehicle fleets. We are happy to count them among the big DataDis family!


Sanivac was founded in 1961 in Notre-Dame-de-l'Ile-Perrot by John Kelly and his wife Josée Serrurier. First specializing in the emptying and installation of skeptical pits, the company now offers a full range of environmental services to its customers in the municipal, residential, commercial and institutional sectors. Sanivac is now a large family with more than 140 employees.

Location NRJ

Starting in 1994, NRJ Rental was dedicated to the rental of short and long-term trailers for the transportation and manufacturing industry. For other services, NRJ Rental now offers trailer repair services and mechanical maintenance of trailers for others. Through its rapid service, personalized approach and rigorous quality control, Location NRJ has built a solid reputation in the transportation industry in Quebec for more than 20 years.

Mazout Bélanger

Mazout Bélanger, today renamed Bélanger Oil and Propane, is a family-owned company that has been providing energy solutions for over 50 years in and around the village of St-Janvier. The company now employs around 60 people from the region. After so many years, she wants to continue to take her place in the oil market by being always competitive, close to its customers while knowing how to innovate. If it continues, it is because it has respected, responded to and adapted to the needs of its customers. Their story is a family story, a story of community commitment and above all, a story of respect for their customers.


The Trans-West Group has specialized for more than 28 years in the transportation of food between Canada and the United States, mainly to the West-Canadian and American coasts as well as Florida. Trans-West also offers road transportation, intermodal transportation and turnkey logistics services. The Group has a fleet of 650 equipment including refrigerated trailers, equipped with isothermal control, controlled and monitored by satellite. Its goal is to continually improve and simplify its processes in order to offer its customers profitable solutions and impeccable service.