New clients : Annexus leasing, Services mécaniques Rive-Nord inc. and Precision Truck Lines inc.

Precision truck lines inc. Services mécaniques Rive-Nord inc.

Always looking to the future!

Once again, our DataDis family is growing with the addition of Annexus leasing, Mechanical Services Rive-Nord inc. and Precision Truck Lines inc. Everyone has chosen to rely on the MIR-RT software to effectively manage the maintenance and repairs of their heavy vehicle fleet.

Mechanical Service Rive-Nord Inc., a member of the Mekpro Group, offers a range of mechanical services for trucks and tractors ranging from general maintenance to the repair of air conditioning units.

Annexus Leasing manages the garage of members of the group Loyal group Holdco. This group includes, among others, Loyal Express Transport and Transport Geromic Inc., two approved CTPAT, CSA and FAST carriers.

Precision Truck Lines Inc., a long haul carrier in Ontario, specializes in transborder freight. Their fleet travels all over North America for the sole purpose of delivering TL and LTL cargo in the safest, fastest, and most efficient way possible.