MIR-RT Optimization service

According to the McKinsey Global Institute in the United States, the lack of employes training on technological tools generates losses of $ 10,000 per year! For this reason, we recently created the MIR-RT optimization program in order to update your database and your use of the software. This measure will increase the efficiency of your employees and thus optimize your investment!

Phase 1- Pre-Analysis * $ 500. Deductible in phase 2.
1. Analysis of the database

  • Analysis of the state of the situation; module by module.
  • Gateway analysis.
  • Identify indicators of underperformance.

2. Tabling of the report.

  • Telephone or web meeting with the project manager.
  • Decision to proceed to Phase 2.

Phase 2- Analysis of internal processes and filing of the report
1. Project Planning and Management - ½ day
2. Analysis of internal processes - 1 day

  • Meeting and observation in the company.
  • Support users in MIR-RT.
  • Querying users.

3. Report Production - 1 day
4. Summary of the analysis - ½ to 1 day

  • Tabling of the report - Situation, solutions, suggestions.

Phase 3 - Optimization of MIR-RT

1. Implementation of the measures.

  • User training (possibility to use bank hours)
  • Corrections of the database.
  • Revision of configurations.
  • Modification of MIR-RT processes.