Congratulations Groupe Boutin

Data Dis is proud to count among its customers, another carrier using excellent fleet maintenance practices in order to become an environmental leader.

On September 11th and 12th, Groupe Boutin Inc., a transport company based in Quebec, participated in a competition at the ASMAVERMEQ (Association of mechanical inspection agents of Quebec) convention, competing for the title of most environmentally friendly fleet. Competitors must prove that they are an eco-leader, working hard to adhere to the strict guidelines of a clean air fleet. It gives us great pleasure knowing that a customer of DATA DIS INC., using MIR-RT was able to re-establish themselves as the winner of the Clean Air fleet competition for 2014.  Groupe Boutin is considered to be the most environmentally cleanest fleet in the competition.

Worth noting; other fleets that have participated and won in this competition in recent years also use MIR-RT software to manage their fleet maintenance. We would like to congratulate Normandin Transit the 2010 winner, Transport Jacques Auger the 2011 winner, Cascades Transport the 2013 winner and Groupe Boutin who won in 2008, 2012 and 2014. We consider all our customers to be winners but our hats go off to these clean air eco-leaders of the fleet industry.  Good fleet maintenance is proven to have its rewards.