Vehicle telemetry

From your systems, we retrieve your odometer readings, motor errors, GPS locations, safety rounds and more, automatically and at a fixed frequency.

Your data is validated and transferred to MIR-RT to document the status of your units and to inform the persons in charge of your mechanical workshop if necessary.


Just like your telemetry data, we can retrieve your fuel information, either from the software that manages the pumps on your site, or from the files provided to you by the various oil companies with which you do business.

Vehicle fuel consumption and overall fuel costs or distance traveled can be analyzed directly in MIR-RT and viewed as reports or directly in the dashboard.


Avoid duplicating work by automating the transfer of accounting entries. MIR-RT communicates with your accounting software to send transfer the accounts payable, accounts receivable and distribution of expenses.

Let your accounting software manage your income and expenses and MIR-RT your maintenance and your mechanical workshop. MIR-RT is compatible with any accounting software.